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Please read and watch below for testimonials of the positive impact IT Girls Foundation has on students, parents, and volunteers!

Dear Ms. Kelson, Ms. Seymour, and IT Girls:

Thank you very much for your support, help, and recognition! I learned a lot in IT Girls with the Drawbot.

--IT Girl at Level Creek ES

I think it’s important to have a club like IT Girls because girls have more of a chance to learn about IT and STEM. My favorite thing about this club is all the learning we get to do when our visitors teach us.

--IT Girl at Berkeley Lake ES

I love that IT Girls only includes girls, because there aren't a lot of female technology representatives. IT Girls has helped me with understanding what STEM is and expressing my love of math!

--IT Girl at Berkeley Lake ES

I just wanted to send my praises for this program, so dope to get the young ladies involved in IT & showing them that they can do anything!! Thank you for showing up, as well as all those involved, and taking the time w/ our girls! You are appreciated!
--Parent of 4th Grade Student

I feel so fortunate that our founders Grant Shih and Katie Tucker approached me about bringing IT Girls to my school, Level Creek Elementary. Historically we know that STEM careers are predominantly dominated by males. The lack of exposure to role models who share similar identities or backgrounds to our female students has a profound effect on our female students choosing STEM careers. Our female students typically think the role of scientists, engineers, mathematicians or computer programmers are for men. I am extremely happy to see that the fastest growing trend in education is exposing our female students to careers in the STEM field. IT Girls have opened my students’ eyes to the various STEM careers they might not have known existed or that they would be interested in. I love seeing the girls interact with our guest speakers, ask questions and then go home and share the information with their parents. Each year, I get asked if I will be sponsoring the club the following year because their daughter would like to join or continue. I wholeheartedly believe the exposure the girls are having to our guests, the greater the chance for them to enter those STEM career fields.

--Jawana Kelson

STEM Teacher & IT Girls Sponsor at LCES

I really enjoyed participating in the volunteer activities this school year.

--Larisa Joiner, Volunteer

I cannot thank you enough for today!!! The girls had an amazing time!  The excitement, laughter, smiles and wonderment were everything.  I appreciate all the time and effort you put into making this an amazing experience for our young ladies.  I know next year we will have even more young ladies join us! 

--Volunteer from end of the year field trip

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