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Women In Technology (WIT)


IT Girls Foundation in Cumming, Georgia, receives grant from WIT (Women In Technology) to support robotics kits to enhance STEM curriculum.

CUMMING, GA – IT Girls Foundation—
a nonprofit organization whose mission is to bring science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) awareness to 4th and 5th grade girls—received a $4,000 grant WIT (Women In Technology) to support their foundation.
The Board of Directors at the IT Girls Foundation announced that they are the recipients of a grant that further supports its mission to help girls explore and develop their interests and talents in STEM. With this grant, the IT Girls Foundation will be able to purchase robots and will develop a new robotics curriculum to enhance learning. Additionally, with the grant money received, the IT Girls Foundation plans to allocate funds to opening our program at a new elementary school for the 2023-2024 school year.
"WIT continues to exemplify the mission of enabling and empowering women in STEM fields. IT Girls is so fortunate to have continued support from WIT and we look forward to sharing the message, impact, and generosity of that entire organization with our students that we serve through our program. Thank you, WIT, for your belief in us and your commitment to these girls," said co-Founder and CEO of the IT Girls Foundation Grant Shih.

IT Girls Foundation

IT Girls Foundation, founded by Grant Shih and Katie Tucker, was created so that young female students who are interested in STEM fields have a structured extra-curricular program to explore and develop their interests and talents. We hope that this prepares them to have a competitive advantage in their academic and career interests and want to start by targeting 4th and 5th grade girls. This program is designed to guide them through project-based work, partnering with businesses, and involve guest speakers to provide real-world insight, inspiration, and guidance as well as to answer any questions the students may have on how these topics intersect.

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