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Our Projects

All projects are designed with Project Based Learning (PBL) in mind.   PBL is a model and framework of teaching and learning in which students acquire content knowledge and skills in order to answer a driving question based on an authentic challenge, need, problem or concern.

Project Based Learning is accomplished using a variety of skills such as critical thinking, communication, and creativity.

PBL starts with the project in mind (so introducing the project up front) and then introduces topics or reinforces concepts previously learned.  At the end, PBL also involves an ongoing process of reflection and presentation of what the student learned and the process they had to go thru to complete the project. 

This is why our projects are so fun and engaging with our students.  We introduce a challenge, we reinforce what they know, introduce specific skills relevant to the project and then the students have fun with it! 


2019-2020 Treehouse Project

The objective of the Treehouse Project is for students to build a 3D version of their treehouse.  This project based learning activity focuses on designing elements, using multiple problem solving skills, developing a budget and using critical thinking skills.

Students will collaborate together to demonstrate their strong teamwork skills while using their imagination. 

2020-2021 Drawbot Project

Students will explore physics and engineering concepts by building a simple motor-powered robot. These 5th grade girls will use critical thinking to make predictions, form observations, and record results. Students will also investigate balanced and unbalanced forces by solving open-ended engineering problems. Most importantly, these girls had fun!

Students were also invited to create a project that highlighted their drawbot, the concepts they learned and what their final project looked like.  Congratulations to all of our winners.

How to Build a Drawbot | Tinker Crate Project Instructions | KiwiCo
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