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School Year in Review

The Fall semester launched in October 2022. The IT Girls Foundation crafted engaging lessons, activities, and presentations for our 4th and 5th grade IT Girls at Berkeley Lake Elementary and Level Creek Elementary School. For the first several weeks, the girls participated and gained new knowledge on personal finance, cybersecurity, and robotics/engineering. To finish out the semester, the IT Girls built a STEM project from Kiwico called the Drawbot. The Drawbot served as a hands-on project for the girls to learn more about balanced and unbalanced forces, and how manipulating different variables affects speed and motion.

The Spring semester began in January 2023. We rounded out the year with other topics such as coding, assembling laptops, structural engineering and talking about the girl’s personal brand.  These immersive topics allowed the girls to have hands on experiences to bring these concepts to life.  Finally, we ended the school year with a STEM field trip to Mercedes Benz Stadium where we were able to see the behind the scenes technology in keeping the stadium running.  We believe through our program that we are giving these girls a chance to love STEM and we hope that we are inspiring passion for the next generation of successful professionals, confident thinkers, and passionate leaders! 

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